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Seller’s/Pre-Listing Home Inspection

If you are thinking about listing your home, it is important to understand that eventually a buyer’s inspector will be examining your house. You can either let the buyer take control after their inspector provides his report or you can take control now.

  • It allows you to see your home through the eyes of a neutral third-party.
  • It helps you to price your home realistically.
  • It helps validate your mandatory disclosure, decreases your liability and can relieve a prospect’s concerns and suspicions.
  • It allows you to make repairs ahead of time so that items requiring attention won’t become negotiating stumbling blocks or deal breakers later, and you will have the time to get reasonably priced & competent contractors.

Ori Chimino

Licensed & Insured

TREC License # 23291


Self-owned and operated, I perform all levels of residential home inspection. Home Inspections are performed with attention to detail. The report will provide you with the information you will need for any repairs and maintenance. We will review every aspect of the report so you will gain the knowledge and confidence that will help you with the home buying process.

The advantages of going with Distinctive Home Inspection Services are:

  • Easy-to-read inspection reports
  • Photo documentation of inspected areas
  • Quick scheduling - avoid delays!
  • Licensed, Insured and experienced home inspector
  • Honest, realistic and unbiased evaluations of your future property

Our detailed home inspection report will educate you as to the condition of the home and provide you the confidence needed with the home buying process.

The following are being offered:

Home Inspections

These inspections are scheduled prior to closing on either a brand new or existing home. The home inspection covers hundreds of components in the home and includes an easy to read written report outlining current conditions and safety issues. The report gives buyers the information needed to make the best decision regarding their investment and future maintenance concerns

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

This is a general home inspection completed prior to selling the home to give current owners an idea of maintenance issues that need to be addressed. A pre-listing inspection also helps give confidence to potential buyers regarding the condition of the home inspected by an unbiased licensed home inspector

Home Warranty Inspection

This general home inspection is done prior to the 12-month builder warranty expiration. A report from a licensed professional home inspector can be taken to the builder and the issues noted can be addressed. If repairs aren’t needed, it provides peace of mind of the quality in which the new home was built.